Mitsubishi Shogun starts and runs then stops

2004 Mitsubishi Shogun Problem

CarMitsubishi Shogun 3.5 v6 gdi
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shogun starts no prob, runs for about 10 mins then stops, have replaced micro filters, cleaned out in tank filter, checked hoses, replaced ignition sensor and coolant sensor, checked throttle position sensor, when running you can hear a slight hissing/sucking noise and just before it cuts out the hissing/sucking noise gets more constant, still happens with fuel cap open, no eml appear after or during starting/stopping.
thanks for any advice in advance
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Engine, Cooling System & Drivetrain

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For these kind of things I use a cheap mechanics stethoscope and remove the probe part so it's just an open pipe at the end.
remarkably accurate.
and you can just move the probe end round until the hiss increases in volume.
Used this last month to diagnose a leaking inlet manifold that turned out to be a 2mm break when dismantled.
BUT that was for an inlet vacuum leak.
which could be your fault or it could be fuel supply.
so my test for this is a gallon can and fuel pipe substituted into the fuel pump inlet.
this isolates the tank lines and filter.
I even have a line with a12v pump/filter fitted to completely isolate the cars fuel tank and supply lines.
Just the same principle as using a slave battery to jump a flat battery car.
If it starts you know the starter lead/grounds are fine.

Posted on Thursday 19th of November 2015
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