Audi A4 car cutting out, usually when I am changing gown gear.

2000 Audi A4 Problem

CarAudi A4 1.6e
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I have the car eight weeks. Noticed the car was cutting out when I change down usually from 3rd into 2nd. Said it to the garage but they acted like it was minor problem. Warranty for 3 months only. Then a couple of weeks ago car went all shaking and shuddering (not sure buy may even have backfired). Major smell of egg. Pulled in and rang garage and thought car was finished. They got car towed back to them. After a few days they said temperature sensor was causing the car to cut out and also caused the car to shudder etc.Got car back a week ago. All fine until this morning when car, yes you guessed it, cut out three times on school runs and journey to work. Can't take it. What do I do. 3/4 weeks warranty left.
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elannor67 | Driver | Since: Oct 2008 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 384 | View Garage
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sounds like a throttle pot or mass air flow sensor problem. would take car to a different garage and have it plugged in and looked at. hope this helps and good luck!!

Posted on Thursday 2nd of April 2009
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Solution 2
thomkas_cars | Driver | Since: Nov 2007 | Posts: 2 | Fixes: 1053 | View Garage
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take the car back and demand that you want it sorting and you dont want it back until its right as you do have rights

Posted on Thursday 2nd of April 2009
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