Seat Ibiza window wipers not turning off

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hi my window wipers will not turn off on my seat ibiza
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I had a similar problem. The wipers would suddenly start, of their own accord. It was intermittent, so I didn't fancy trying to find where the problem was.

I bodged a solution. The car later passed an MOT, so the examiner was happy with my solution.

I pulled out the fuse that was on the wiper circuit. I then blew the fuse by passing a current through it. Next step was to take two pieces of electrical cable, about 0.5m long, and solder one to each side of the fuse.

I took the other ends of the wires and connected them to a switch that I put on the dashboard. When you plug the blown fuse back into the fuse box, your new switch is now an on/off master switch for the wipers. You can still use the stalk to control the speed etc.

There is now no fuse in the wiper circuit, so cut one of the wires and attach a crimp on spade connector to each cut. Then plug a fuse into the two spade connectors.

It is a bodge, but it works, it's cheap, and it restores sanity!

Posted on Saturday 18th of July 2015
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