Ford C-MAX revs up when cluch engages

2008 Ford C-MAX Problem

CarFord C-MAX 1.8tdi manual titainium
Ownercolin squires
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when first or reverse is selected then you lift cluch peddal up the revs rise by 200 rpm every time. the throtle pedal is VERY sencitive and is dreadfull to drive in first gear very slowly 5mph ish only have to breath on pedal and it jerks away and slows down just as bad.
its fine to drive fast and returns about 47mpg most of the time.
ive spent hundreds on diagnosis and nobody can give me a answer.
FORDS who just dont give a dam say " NOTHING WRONG AS THERES NO FAULT CODE". 3 garages have tried and no body can help ive tried disconecting the cluch pedal sensor which stops it reving up but it makes the car run worse at low speed. its had all updates done. i had a chap who dose re-mapping of the ECU, and he cant solve it. its a great little car apart from this but i hate to drive it localy in town slowly . it just wont do anything smoothly.
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Suggested Solution

With the Ford dealership and all the other garages who have had the opportunity to examine / test the car and been unable to find any fault , unlikely we will be able to do much from this end .What you could check is the ground (earth) strap from the engine / gearbox is clean and tight .Gives all sort of problems if not o.k. That's all I can suggest meantime .

Posted on Tuesday 5th of May 2015
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