Skoda Octavia car sluggish in gears 1 & 2 when . until turbo kicks in at about 28mph.

2002 Skoda Octavia Problem

CarSkoda Octavia 1.9 lauren & klement
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When first started car struggles to get up to 28mph even with foot to the floor. Once it has been run for a while 1& 2 ok until car has been stopped again for approx 15 mins when it goes sluggish again. Car was serviced October 2014 and had new major injector and the turbo redone 14 months ago.There are no warning lights coming up on dash and car starts first time. Can you help ?
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If your car is an automatic the torque converter may be the problem.
When accelerating the torque converter is locked multiplying the engine torque until a speed of 25 ish is attained, the torque converter then rotates with the impeller and turbine and the fluid flywheel drives direct. However if the converter slips no multiplication takes place and the car will be sluggish until 25 ish is attained. Get the car checked by a Dealer or gearbox specialist.

Posted on Monday 23rd of March 2015
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