Citroen C4 when stopped at lights in auto 1 with foot on brake it auto changes to neutral 1 and sticks

2012 Citroen C4 Problem

CarCitroen C4 vtr plus auto diesel
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This has happen 4 times now and was in garage a few week ago and they couldnt find fault, when driving in auto and you are stopped at lights and put foot on brake it shows as auto 1 , However the fault is when you are in auto for some reason it changes itself to N1 and
handbrake comes on and sticks not allow me to drive although i am still in auto. the only way i have managed to sort this is by turning off the enginge and switching it back on. When it happened when my husband was driving turning engine on and off didnt resolve it straight away he had to try a few times, I now have to confidence to drive this car ,
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