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Hi, I seem to be having an intermittent problem with my 1007. The anti-skid light comes on, then a few minutes later the handbrake and STOP lights come on. I then lose the power steering and the engine dies.

Once the engine has cooled down it will then start again after some persuasion.

It's at the garage at the moment but they've said because it's intermittent they can't pinpoint the fault and could cost £1000's because the fault could be in the wiring anywhere in the car! Only fault code that did come up was U1000 unknown error. I heard that Peugeot have secret codes which means you're forced to take it to a main dealer!

I had a similar problem with a Peugeot 106 and a Renault Clio in the past....damn French cars!

Anyone else tempted to take them to court because it's highly dangerous when you're driving down a motorway and the steering and engine go off!...irrespective of age of vehicle! It's obviously a common fault judging by the posts on here.

If anyone's had a similar problem and managed to fix it, please could you let me know...much appreciated.
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AMcAll | Driver | Since: Aug 2014 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 2 | View Garage
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Hi All, I know I've only posted this problem but I'm awake in bed worrying about my car so I had a search around online. Two possible solutions incase this happens to anyone else, these are the online comments:

"There are various posts on this site about peugeots being "stuck" in Economy Mode and not starting. Well this happened to me today. I had been cleaning the 307 HDi for about an hour. All clean I desided to move the car closer to the garage the plug in the hoover. Key into the ignition and ........ nothing! dash warning lights lit up and the centre console screen had a warning of " Economy Mode activated" across it. Now, this has happened before to me so no panic. I turned the ignition key again (this normally cures the situation) - Nothing. I lock the car up, ignition key in again - nothing. I checked out the posts and concluded that a new battery was probably required. Having check out how to replace the battery in the trusty Haynes manual I was shocked by the complexity of such a simple job. To cut a very long story short I desided instead to call out the AA (cost £83.00). The guy spent 10 minutes and hey presto the car fires up! Gob smacked I asked him what he had done. Quote - he said - the car had entered the "economy mode because I had been cleaning it with the doors open and run the battery down. The car had then automatically gone into economy mode to protect itself but the Peugeots can be a pig to get back out of this mode sometimes. The trick is to run a thick wire from the battery positive terminal directly to the starter motor and force the car to turn over with the ignition turned on. This forces the car to start and come out of Economy Mode. He then advised to leave the car running for half hour or so to let the battery charge up and for everything to reset itself. He then also advised never to leave the car doors or radio on without also having the engine running.

So next time your Pug strops out and sulks in the Economy Mode the moral of the story is to kick the starter motor with a bit of 12v juice and stick two fingers up to the electronic brain. "

Alternatively, check your oil and water levels because Economy Active Mode does not apparently just concern the battery. The French Engineers decided that if your levels are low most drivers will ignore this and keep driving so they decided it would be better to force the car to stop rather than risk blowing your radiator etc. (However, this is not much comfort when you're on the top of the North Yorkshire Moors in a downpour with no mobile signal and not a house or car in sight!).

I haven't tried these solutions yet as the car is at the garage but I have forwarded the comments to them.

I'll let you know how I get on!

Posted on Wednesday 27th of August 2014
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Hatter87 | Driver | Since: Aug 2014 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 1 | View Garage
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Hi AMcAll the u code is a network fault on your system the engine ecu is on the network called CAN also the abs/esp is also on the same network and if memory serves me power steering get the garage to check end of line resistance on the network wires hope this helps

Posted on Wednesday 27th of August 2014
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