Renault Modus Boot door opens by unlocking central lock

2006 Renault Modus Problem

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Last night it happened. The boot door bottom didn't worked and I couldn't open the boot door; but when locked the car and unlocked it, the boot door automatically opened !

Now, every time I unlock the car by remote or the bottom on the console, the boot door opens and I should go out and close it to be able to lock the doors.

Any advice?

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Solution 1
damage1_1 | Driver | Since: Dec 2007 | Posts: 2 | Fixes: 16 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

Remove the battery negative terminal and leave it off for 30min. Do not leave the key in the car!
Refit battery terminal and lock / unlock car.
Start car and raise &lower all electric windows, hold the switch at the top and bottom for 5seconds to reset any auto system.
If this reset fails your car will need to be checked on a diagnostic scanner by a competent person who can read the codes and diagnose the fault.
Most garages have this type of tool or a mobile person who can be called in.

Posted on Saturday 29th of March 2014
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Solution 2
whittingehame | Legend | Since: Oct 2009 | Posts: 444 | Fixes: 11795 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

Common fault usually caused by water/ corrosion in the boot switch.Simple and cheap DIY fix .Do not disconnect battery , raise / lower windows , nothing to do with your fault .

Posted on Saturday 29th of March 2014
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From Original Poster
Mehdi | Driver | Since: May 2013 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 1 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

I disconnected the battery, but the lock was not fixed. Now I have another problem which is the radio code !!!!
I don't know where the code is written by previous owner of the car.

I believe that whittingehame is right. The problem happed after driving in a very humid weather. When I park the car under sunlight, the lock works for few minutes !

Is there any video or website for changing the tailgate lock?

Posted on Sunday 30th of March 2014
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