Toyota Avensis Lack of Power

2001 Toyota Avensis Problem

CarToyota Avensis D4D Saloon
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157,000 Miles
This car has been exceptionally well looked after.

Couple of weeks ago the car started lacking power, very dead on itself and came to a head when I couldn't get over 30mph. My mechanic looked at it, carried out diagnostics - everything reading as you expect with no alarms. He suggested replacing the air flow meter, if that doesn't work it's the turbo. I swapped the air flow meter with my wife's Rav4 - no difference.
I replaced the turbo - the car was running better but still was lacking power occasionally - will drive fine for a couple of days then all of a sudden no power, seems to respond with severe revving of engine and heavy driving!
I have removed the exhaust and cleaned the ERG valve - no difference.
Fuel filter was changed and fuel line also cleaned - no difference!

I will appreciate any help!
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Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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