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engine wont start inertia switch in ecu wont switch back on ecu been tested every thing fine with it but still wont start no fuel getting to injectors bin told its ecu again will any fiat diesel 13 jdt ecu work on car if programed to it
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Little confused here!
granted the only fiat manual I have here is for the "doblo" but the inertia switch is clearly shown on the engine firewall/bulkhead,not internal to the ecu!
So,when in doubt,bypass!
Relay 10 is the bugger but the cut out is the earth path,so run an earth to the pump and see if it runs.
you need to establish if the pump in the tank is working.
if it runs,the tank pump that is,try to start it then,if it does then you need to look at relay 10 and it's wiring,feeds.

Posted on Friday 15th of November 2013
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