Seat Ibiza will not start sometimes

2002 Seat Ibiza Problem

CarSeat Ibiza 1.4
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i have a intermittent fault with the car,after i have driven a few miles and the engine gets hot.sometimes when i have switched off the engine for few minutes and try to restart car ,it will not start.The car turns over as normal but struggles to start.i do eventually get it to start.
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Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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I would start with the basics and move along from there. IF you can find what it isnt it may make it easier. Have you checked the radiator/bottle and pipes for leaks/blocks? Then i would check the thermostate which controls the waterflow through the engine amoungst other bits. The engine does have a cut out in case of overheating so to start i wouldnt worry too much at this stage about the not always re-starting when hot. Although checking the plugs wouldnt hurt. If all that checks out-try listening for or checking the fan in kicking in. Or maybe a mixture of any of them. An over worked fan but a stat that isnt opening......

Posted on Thursday 7th of November 2013
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