Vauxhall Antara Limp mode, cutting out rear door not opening

2012 Vauxhall Antara Problem

CarVauxhall Antara 2.2 AWD
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Can anyone help? New car bought nov 2012 have had 14 instances of lack of power light ( and service light) - backed up by pictures - combined with limp mode. Car has cut out four times. Rear passenger door intermittently fails to open - on video Car has been back to Luton as dealership had no idea - as it didnt happen while Luton had it apparently 'nothings wrong' - been told to get expert report but don't know who to approach. Before anyone goes down dpf route - no instances of dpf light and apparently that's 'working fine'

Seems to be a case of computer says no (fault code) so tough luck.

Who can we approach to give a second opinion as a a potential explanation as at the moment vauxhall can't give one!

(Background issue of rejecting vehicle but apparently need an 'expert' opinion!)
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If the dealership and Luton cant replicate the fault and no codes shown on testing , hard to fix .Try the RAC or AA , maybe they will have better luck , though doubt it to be honest .

Posted on Wednesday 29th of May 2013
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