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2005 Vauxhall Tigra Problem

CarVauxhall Tigra 1248 diesel cdti
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Only bought this car a month ago...this noise was on my car when I bought her. Just sounded like a fan belt squeal. So of course my dad did a full service once home...oil change etc and replaced the fan belt. He says the old one wasn't as tired as he thought. He checked all the pulleys for play but all seem ok. I went out yesterday and this bloody squeal is back with avengeance...and when I've got my roof down lol its not good at all! The sqealing seems to worsen as I accelerate...mainly uphill...but hasn't a quieter squeak when cruising or just ticking over. PLEASE help with this very annoying problem or at least to narrow it down abit :-) ps does anyone know where the diagnostics port is located...we've look everywhere and it isn't where google say it is!
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Solution 1
Witty | Driver | Since: Feb 2011 | Posts: 12 | Fixes: 718 | View Garage
Suggested Solution

Could possibly be the timing belt tensioner...
Hope this helps.

Posted on Monday 6th of May 2013
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Solution 2
Emma Lou | Driver | Since: Aug 2013 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 2 | View Garage
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Managed to locate the cause of the squeal...did this some time ago...but forgot to post the solution! it turns out that it was the clutch pulley on the alternator. This is supposed to turn in one direction. The one that was causing the squeal had seized completely. Managed to buy a new part for £35 inc VAT from Andrew Page. Tried the Vauxhall agent and they were £90! Rip off! However, only certain people have the tool to take the old part off, so you may need to pay extra for this. But thankfully it cured the Squeal! :)

Posted on Friday 30th of August 2013
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