Vauxhall Tigra poor lumpy idle. wont rev up

1999 Vauxhall Tigra Problem

CarVauxhall Tigra 1.4
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engine starts. can drive it no problem. leave car for 10 mins and starts ok but poor idle wont rev and no warning lights. no faults stored wen scanned.cant drive away have 2 leave car and go back later. can any one help?
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bustedknuckles | Driver | Since: Nov 2011 | Posts: 2 | Fixes: 1461 | View Garage
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Check that you are getting a 5volt feed at the throttle motor ,or turn ignition on and look in to throttle and get someone to press the throttle to see it,s motoring open and shut.sound,s like that,s the area of your issue,just need to prove what part,s faulty,I.e. throttle pedal ,throttle motor,or e.c.u.

Posted on Saturday 16th of February 2013
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sweepster | Driver | Since: Feb 2013 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 1 | View Garage
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thanks for yor reply.i took back 2garage where fault came on. no codes and data ok. throttle valve etc.puzzled. they sed breather blocked and cud have engine damage.i have 2 book it back in. car doesent miss a beat even up motor way but still faults after turned off 10mins.any suggestions wud be good thanks before I take it back.

Posted on Monday 18th of February 2013
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