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I have a 1.2 vauxhall nova and over the past couple of weeks the idling has got out of control. The car turns over and drives great but when its stationary the idling gets higher and higher to the point it sounds like im holding the throttle to the floor without even touching it then drops again when i pull off
i was told it was an air leak in the system but i cant find one anywhere, and over the past couple of days its started doing it when i drive too, i can take my foot off the throttle and the car will literally drive itself
Ive checked the throttle cable and it doesnt seem to be sticking anywhere and the linkage to the carb doesnt stick either
i was also told to unplug a few sensors before turning it over like the map sensor, throttle position sensor etc and to note any changes but the only difference i noticed was when i unplugged the map sensor it started then just juddered and died...i even just unplugged the vacum hose which runs from the map to the carb and flipped it round putting the end that was on the carb on the sensor and vice versa and it actually stopped the problem for half an hr but then the car wouldnt start again til i flipped it back round which didnt make any sense to me as its just a rubber hose and i dont see why it would matter which way round it goes........its just giving me a bad headache now if any one can help id much appreciate it
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1/4drive | Auto Insider | Since: Jun 2011 | Posts: 25 | Fixes: 1859 | View Garage
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No idea,get it code read,but I just love that last bit"it's just a rubber hose"whooeee!!
You might think that ,your wrong!
I've seen these simple things with internal collapse,micro fractures,internal partial colapse,makes the simple hose function like a one way valve and more.
Oh and when you remove a hose when testing it you plug the end otherwise it'll suck air that the AFM isn't measuring.stick another piece of hose onto the MAP sensor and start it,now YOU suck on the hose that runs to the MAP and check for engine difference in running.

Posted on Tuesday 3rd of July 2012
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ok, i get where your coming from with the hose but all i meant was iv inspected the hose and as far as i can see its identical both ways round i cant find any creases or cracks or anything out the ordinary either way round.
so far ive checked all my hoses cleaned off all my sensors and plugs stripped and cleaned out the carb checked my spark plugs and ht leads and had my injector ultrasonically cleaned......i didnt know how to properly test the sensors so thanks for the heads up on the map iv also been trying to find the diagnostic socket to test for fault codes im aware of the paper clip method but ive had no joy finding it iv been told as my model has a carb it shouldnt have an ecu but it also has an injector so apparently it has as the injector needs one to control nova is the last model built in 1993 which has a carb with a single injector feeding it so i could use some help locating the socket
also iv had it out the past few days and just to annoy me more i think i ran it to the shops and it screamed all the way there then on the way back it was running like its old self again not a single problem then when i went to take it out again it just screamed all over again which makes me think its something stupid im overlooking its fine then its not etc etc its really driving me nuts

Posted on Saturday 21st of July 2012
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bellford | Driver | Since: Oct 2012 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 20 | View Garage
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it will most probably be the idle control sensor

Posted on Tuesday 2nd of October 2012
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