Nissan Primera coil packs keep blowing

2000 Nissan Primera Problem

CarNissan Primera 1.8s
Ownertom plant
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i bought the car about 3 years ago and the engine management light was on. about 4 months ago i got a mobile mechanic to take a look at the engine management light. he first thought it was the air flow meter or the lamda sensor that was causing the engine management light to stay on. so he disconnected one at a time and ran the engine to see what came up on his diagnostic machine. then he disconnected the lamda sensor and told me to drive it to see what happened. the car performed so badly i had to stop just down the road, ring the mechanic and tell him i had to reconnect the lamda sensor. after that the car wouldnt run properly. i had to take it to another garage where they diagnosed that a coil pack and the air flow meter had gone. i replaced these (over £200) and the car worked well for about a week, until another coil pack went to the tune of about £100. by now this other garage is diagnosing the engine management problem as something to do with the lamda sensor. a few months later on and now i'm getting the same old misfire reminicent of a blown coil pack again! thats 3 coil packs and an air flow meter in about 4 months.
what could be blowing the coils pack? could it be related to the engine management light? i would be gratefull for some knowledge to diagnose these problems.
A very stressed and by now skint man.
Tom Plant
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Solution 1
mr suzuki | Driver | Since: Dec 2007 | Posts: 1 | Fixes: 686 | View Garage
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very hard to say its one where u need to see the car but
very rare for a new coil to go or even more than one pack to go let alone 3
id try a different garage.are the coils def u/s or could it be the wireing plug to the coil.
air flow meters are rare to go on nissan and o2 sensors very easy to check.dont fit any parts unless you are told they are def u/s
coil packs arnt blown by the car as they are only given 12v or 5v and earth.hope this helps a little

Posted on Sunday 5th of October 2008
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Solution 2
duffy | Driver | Since: Sep 2008 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 1 | View Garage
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Hi Mr Plant,
I suggest you look at the distributor modular sensory unit, this can sometimes break down over time and cause the charge to the coil to weaken thus creating a blow out to the coil packs. The only other area to look at would be the engine management system being diagnosed and determining what is causing these units to break down, possibly by not cleaning the induction ducts.
Hope you get to the bottom of it.
Grease Monkey

Posted on Sunday 19th of October 2008
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