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I have a rattling and knocking noise coming from the engine. Its been to a few garages/specialists who have all charged me a fortune and not fixed it. The noise is only noticeable under load or acceleration. I have so far paid for the dual mass flywheel and clutch replacing and the diesel injectors testing and cleaning. This has made no difference. It sounds like a pre ignition knock with one of the injectors and that appears to where the noise is coming from, but theyve been checked and cleaned and ive been told theres nothing wrong with them.

My car has done 60,000 miles.
Any thoughts?
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Jon Turner | Driver | Since: Jan 2012 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 54 | View Garage
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The 1.7 engine in later common rail type injection system are notorious for injector noise,
I am a Vauxhall tech, we get lots of high mileage fleet cars with very noisy injectors and they just keep on running.
You could possibly make sure they are coded correctly at a main dealer, they have numbers on the top of injectors, which should match the code programmed in the engine ECM.
Another idea would be to get the small quantity adjustment checked/ programmed.

If its not horrifically noisey you could ignore it!

Hope I helped a little....

Posted on Sunday 22nd of January 2012
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dannyboy1988 | Driver | Since: Mar 2012 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 2 | View Garage
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i need to change the injector seals on my van because one of them is leaking and also im changing the o-rings at the same time whats the best way of doing this and what are to torque figure's for when doing them back up ? thanks dan =)

Posted on Wednesday 28th of March 2012
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