Hyundai Getz Hissing/scraping noise

2005 Hyundai Getz Problem

CarHyundai Getz 1.6
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The car has been fine for 3 years and 35,000 miles. passed first MOT 2 weeks ago with flying colours.

noticed when i was in crawling traffic with the window down a 'hissing' noise from what seemed like the front left tyre. it was intermittent but audible.

pulled over to check for nails etc. no problem. tyre fine. nothing amiss.

it was ok on the straight. performance of the car is as expected but problem intermittently persists. its either a short burst of air escaping like a 'hissing' or now it sounds a bit like abrasion. not screeching like metal on metal but something touching something else?

someone tells me it might be something to do with Power Steering?
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