Citroen C2 Won´t start...Flooding??

2004 Citroen C2 Problem

CarCitroen C2 1.1sx
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Hi, My Citroen C2 was running fine and then lost power. I pulled over and it cut out and hasn´t started since.
The coilpack is fine with all plugs sparking as they should.
If anything, it appears to be flooding with fuel. If left for a few hours it will attempt to start....then won´t attempt at all until its left again. The spark plugs are wet with fuel. If I then disconnect the power lead from the injectors, it will attempt to if its burning the excess fuel, before obviously not having any.
Any ideas anyone??
It may be worth noting that just before it stopped working, I had almost run completely out of fuel, ie 0 miles range. I refueled and then the problem occured less than half a mile afterwards. Many thanks
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Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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The injectors are firing,that means the cas is good,so ignore the coils just now.
It's your last statement that interests me,so I'd have the fuel pump unit out,check it for blockages,dissconect the line and blow compressed air backwards through the line,renew the filter on the rebuild.
If no difference the the injectors are suspect,get them ultrasonic cleaned and flow tested.I suspect tank debris has been disturbed and blocked the line or an injetor/s

Posted on Friday 30th of December 2011
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