Renault Scenic suspension

2004 Renault Scenic Problem

CarRenault Scenic 1.9 dci
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a advice to everyone want to buy a car. DoN"T BUY A RENAULT! Is a awful car. You will have a lot of trouble with suspension and electrical problem. I spend in 6 month 2000 pounds to fix. And if you are in Glasgow don't go to arnold car. They changed me the suspension in June and after 5 months I had to change again ( i did in a cheaper garage). I went to them asking the copy of the invoice to ask if there was a warranty for the suspension because was not passed a year( not even 6 months). They told me was not possible. I called renault uk, they suggest me to bring the part broken and ask the money back for this part ( was not original part). Arnold clark told me that I didn't asked before changed a new one. I did, but they deny, otherwise why I ave been there to ask a copy of the invoice? Just because I had to prove when I changed the part.
In june they charged me 80 pounds to check air conditioned. In one hour they didn't find the problem. I went back to Italy and my car electrician found the problem in half hour and fixed for 65 pounds. Please i suggest to avoid this garage in Bearsden. They charged me a lot of money and they didn't resolve anything. Avoid renault as well. The part cost a lot of money. I payed 120 pounds for a arm wiper ( ridiculous!!!).

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