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2002 Skoda Fabia Problem

CarSkoda Fabia 1.4 16V
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My Fabia one day had engine light, EPC light and Warning triangle light come on, and accelorator failed to work...

After awhile, once the car had settled it was able to restart and work.

This happened another couple of times, and I had called out the AA, had a lot checked through these guys, one of them thought it was the fuel pump, another thought it might be immobilsser not switching of properly.

Now my car wont start at all, the garage had it for 3 weeks they sent my ECU unit of, they had my dashboard checked out, they changed some sensors and checked a lot of other things.... They have now dropped my car back to my house saying there is nothing wrong with my car.... But it doesn't start still.....

Now everyone saying it is a electronics problem, but I broke down 5 times with this car and sounds like the fuel is struggling to get to the engine, BUT the diagnostics plug in doesn't work either... all fuses have been checked over and over and are fine.

I don't know what else to do I went to Skoda garage and they didn't seem at all interested in helping...

Any help is a big help, thanks in advance.

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