Vauxhall Vivaro will not start

2006 Vauxhall Vivaro Problem

CarVauxhall Vivaro dti 1.9 td
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hi,looking for sum good advise.i brought my vivaro a couple of mnths ago with a snapped cam belt.i already had an engine for it.since engine fitted its been starting up great,not tryed on road has im waiting for my uncle to give it a spray job.anyway i pulled it in the garage with out a problem then the following day went to move out of garage and it wouldnt and still isnt starting.the airbag light and door open lights hsave been on all the time but still started ok.ive checked all fuses,replaced crank & cam sensors.cleaned egr valve.removed and had diesal pump check.fuel line pumps up has its a manual not got a pump in tank. there is not pressure in the injector pipes when cracked off.plenty of fuel in.will fire in when spraying cold start in the air filter.had 2 different fault code readers on it and both detected no faults.any advice would be much appie appriecated ,many thanks,paul
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I have never come across one of these without a tank pump,every one I've worked on has one so I'd recheck if I were you.
When the key is in the run position ,engine off,there should be a ten second buzzing sound,that's the fuel pump relay priming the system with fuel,and they just wont run without this.
My normal first step test with these is to remove the inlet pipe from the tank to the filter,key on,(ten sec burst),key off,and repeat 3 times letting the pumped fuel spill into a measuring pot,3 burst of the relay should deliver minimum of 250mlts,no less,and a pressure of 2.2 bar if you can measure it.
Electrical faults on these,and there are many,can usually be traced to the wiring harness where it runs from the r/h side engine bay across the gearbox and splits there,fauts can be anywhere in the run.
Fuel pump relay is up there as well and all are vulnerable to water getting in .

Posted on Friday 25th of November 2011
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