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occasionally when i am driving the speedometer dial will flick back to "0" for a few secons then flcik back to the correct speed. there doesnt seem to be a pattern as to when it happens but lately it had been taking a lot longer for the dial to go back to recording the speed. when im on the motorway going at a constant speed its not so bad but if it happens when im road driving and have to slow down at all, the battery light and other lights come on and the car sometimes shuts down and the steering locks. It has recently passed its MOT and had a new battery fitted as something was draining the that connected at all? what is the problem??
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Solution 1
fluffyduck | Legend | Since: Oct 2006 | Posts: 100 | Fixes: 165 | View Garage
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Get this car to a garage as soon as possible it sounds very unsafe.

Posted on Thursday 6th of December 2007
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Solution 2
mr suzuki | Driver | Since: Dec 2007 | Posts: 1 | Fixes: 686 | View Garage
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sounds like the speedo only cuts out as a result of the bigger problem.could be imobilisor or coil pack problem causing engine to cut try a coil pack 1st if no good it will have to go to a good auto electrician to check imobilisor modual.these have been a problem in the past.other problems have been crank angle sensors braking down when hot but will usually restart when cool.all problems expensive though not too bad ford parts reasonably priced.

Posted on Thursday 13th of December 2007
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becci | Driver | Since: Jun 2008 | Posts: 0 | Fixes: 2 | View Garage
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Hi, i have exactly the same problem as you. my car is constantly cutting out causing a few near misses! I had the diagnostics done but it came up as no problems. I have been told that it is the idle control valve causing the car to cut out, they cost around 40 pounds from ford. Also my speedo rarely works, when driving on the streets i use the rev counter to know what kind of speed im doing! Aswell as the speedo not working tha mileage counter also stops working, i dont know if this is linked to the idle control valve as havent got around to getting one yet but the more i read the more likely it looks. Hope this has helped you.

Posted on Saturday 7th of June 2008
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