Ford Maverick automatic gearbox fault

2003 Ford Maverick Problem

CarFord Maverick 3.0l xlt auto
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When you turn the ignition on the instrument cluster registers that more than one gear is selected,I.e park,reverse,drive or even neutral,drive,1or2. It pleases it self day by day but because of it, it sometimes will not start and you have to put it into neutral. But now it has started were sometimes you can not even get it into neutral and you have to press the release switch to get it out of park. It has also been noted that when you do get it started and you are driving it forward the reverse light comes on and as been know to be on when you are in park, so now I have had to take the bulb out. Has anyone got any ideas or have come across this problem before?
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Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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This will be a fault in the transmission range sensor. This sensor is located on top of the transmission and is used by the engine management to determine the position of the gear lever. This sensor also contains the reverse light circuit and the neutral/park start circuit. The Ford number for this sensor is 4628020. This sensor is also the same on Mondeos with the CD4E auto. transmission, it is held on with 2 small bolts.

If this sensor fails the engine management may prevent the engine starting if the lever position is detected as not in P or N even if the lever is actually in these positions

Posted on Friday 17th of February 2012
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