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We have a 1996 VW Sharan 2.8 litre automatic. About 4 wks ago, it died outside of school. When tried to restart, all it did was click-click-click. Got a jump start, and re-started the car, and for thw past 4 wks, it has run fine till the last 2 days. Now it doesn't turn over, no clicking. All the lights work, window screen wipers work, radoi, the eletric windows work. Please help if you can. Thank you.
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nader | Driver | Since: Jun 2011 | Posts: 3 | Fixes: 23 | View Garage
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have your battery checked by professional ,for cold cranking amp issue also make sure battery is charged up 12.6 volt then check alternator out put for 13.8 volt to 14.6 volt if not within range you need one alternator ,or if battery did not make it you need battery

Posted on Thursday 29th of September 2011
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