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You hear 'roadtrip', you think 'America'. Seldom 'Hanger Lane Gyratory'.

The all-American Roadtrip is surely near the top of most auto-Bucket Lists, but it doesn't have to be a pie-in the-sky pipe-dream; it's actually pretty achievable. Your US roadtrip doesn't have to be a 3-month coast-to-coast Route 66 odyssey… it can be limited to a cross-state jaunt lasting no more than a week or a few days; simply book a flight, turn up at the airport and plump for one of the huge car rental options when you arrive – all you need after that is a destination that passes a handful of middle-American tourist attractions.

To further assist, we've put together all the essential ingredients for a great US roadtrip:

  • Get the right car: we recommend an all american convertible: either Mustang or Camaro; other options include a classic Chevvy or Courvette or even a gas-guzzling truck

  • Eyewear: RayBans, preferably Aviators

  • Soundtrack: Lynyrd Skynyrd or Tom Petty should feature

  • Refreshments: diners, drive-ins and dives

  • Suggested routes: Big trip: length and breadth of Route 66; Some sun: Miami to Florida Keys on US1; Big scenery: entering Monument Valley on US163

Bucket List Score 9 / 10

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