Travel the world's most dangerous road

Willing to stare death in the face? Why not travel to Bolivia and take on the Yungas Road – also known as the Death Road

The North Yungas Road is 40-mile stretch of road from La Paz to Coroico and is notorious for its extreme danger and was christened the "world's most dangerous road" in 1995 by Inter-American Development Bank, with an estimated 250 travellers killed on the road each year.

The road is little more than a dirt track and barely wide enough for vehicles to pass each other as it winds around the side of the mountainous landscape; various monuments and markings denote points at which vehicles have fallen hundreds of feet down the slopes to the rocky valley floor below.

That said, the scenery is stunning! If you fancy taking on the road, there are many options available… self-drive, organised tours, local transport and even cycling tours.

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