Lap the Nurburgring

This is something that every petrolhead should have done, fact

You don't have to be a track day hero with all the gear and no real friends to speak of in order to want to lap the Nurburgring.

Since the Top Gear episode aired with Jeremy Clarkson trying to beat Sabine Schmitz in a Jag vs Transit Van race the place has become known to the general public and visitors from the UK no doubt increased as a result.

The place is incredibly busy these days, on Touristfahrten (TF) days anybody in a roadworthy car can rock up and pay for a lap, it's simply a case of go through the barrier and onto the track, and hopefully not into the path of a fully roll-caged Lupo with a nutty German local behind the wheel.

For those with a bit of track day experience the place will probably ignite a lifelong addiction as it's the ultimate track: challenging, technical, fast, slow, scary and laugh out loud brilliant. For those with no experience of track day driving there are some simple things to bear in mind if you want to make it around in one piece:

  • Check your mirrors, a lot

  • Stay right on fast straight sections as cars will generally want to pass on the left, indicate right to let them know you've seen them and the overtake is safe

  • Check your mirrors, a lot

  • Don't get off your cornering line just because somebody is right up your chuff, they can wait until you've safely made it round the corner

  • Check your mirrors, a lot

Opening Times for Tourist Days

The opening times can be found here:

More info

Have a look at the Nurburgring official site:

These sites are also worth a look:


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