UK MOT Testing Centres

Local listings for MOT Test Centres in the UK

This is our list of MOT Testing Centres in the UK, click a county or town for local listings.

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Business Listings

Antrim (2 listed)
Ballymena |
Borders (3 listed)
Earlston | Hawick | Melrose |
Clackmannanshire (1 listed)
Alva |
Falkirk (1 listed)
Grangemouth |
Fermanagh (1 listed)
Enniskillen |
Greater London (206 listed)
London |
Moray (4 listed)
Elgin |
Powys (3 listed)
Knighton | Newtown | Welshpool |
Tyrone (1 listed)
Strabane |
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