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Extreme Bass
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ADDRESS: Hockley Hill Birmingham B18 5AA
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TOWN: Birmingham
TELEPHONE: 01215 152838

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Hellboy, Birmingham
My Rating 5 out of 10 stars

Poor poor poor. Sales are very good and good priced but after sales are the worst I have ever encountered. My sub after 4 months went faulty took it back and fair enough they sent it away to be repaired. Or did they?

They told me to call back in a week so I did and no update so I waited two weeks and still and an update. The sub's company was replacing it and it was meant to be coming in today but no time. I then asked for the manufactures numbers and called myself. I got told they know of Extreme bass but nothing had been sent out. I called back the shop who said it had just arrived.

I went to pick it up and noticed the returns label had been left on but the address had been ripped off. But the tracking number was still on there. Out of curiosity I put the tracking number in and found it had been delivered to the store 2 months beforehand.

When I went to pick up my "Repaired" sub I asked for my receipt back oly to be told it had been filled and no one can find it. (Great filling system) It took 3 weeks and about 8 phone calls to finally get a copy of my receipt posted out. I will never ever use this shop again

Name: Hellboy
Location: Birmingham
Anonymous | Driver | Since: Aug 2009 | Posts: 11825 | Fixes: 0 | View Garage
My Rating 1 out of 10 stars

I originally went to Extreme Bass to get my standard stereo on my fiesta replaced for an aftermarket one I had. i called them up and was told it will be £35 for the job,i agreed and went to get it done. while i was there i caught my eye on a subwoofer which i was told by the shop boss that it was £100,i was impressed with it so i decided to buy it,but before i agreed to it i asked the shop boss if the fitting of the subwoofer will be included with the set fitting price to which he said there will be an extra charge but he would do me a good price. I agreed to buy the sub. after the job was done he charged me £180 saying that he had to include the price for the wiring kit.in my excitement of my new purchase i paid the price without fully acknowledging the price i just paid. 2 days after i bought the sub i browsed the internet for reviews on the sub i had just bought,when i checked the prices to various shops they all were at least £20 less to what i paid. Also the price for fitting quite bothered me as i was unclear exactly how much they charged me for the fitting. on the third day after the purchase of the sub i went back to the shop to ask how he came to £180. the boss cliamed that he charged me £45 for the replacement of the headunit and a seperate £35 for the subwoofer (which BTW was only 3 wires)but on the day he said he included price for the wiring kit which comes with the sub as standerd. he denied any refund or any compesation which may have eased my loss.need advice.

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