A93 - the Devils Elbow, the Spittal of Glenshee and Royal Deeside

33 miles of Roller-coaster epicness including the highest paved road in Scotland

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The Road

This route is all about the driving, so limited places to stop,

Where possible, allow vehicles ahead to disappear into the distance, as you'll want this bit of road to yourself.

At Blairgowrie you will be well advised to strap things down, and remove any distractions from inside the car. As you follow the signs through the town, be ready for the left turn into a side road which marks the start of the route. For the best part of 45 minutes you are going to experience one of the most entertaining, unpredictable, and characterful pieces of road in Scotland.

The first half an hour is twisty, the Tarmac randomly draped over the spectacular landscape. Passing the Spittal of Glenshee, the old military road throws you into the devil's elbow - a series of hilarious moguls - before calming down into some long recovery straights. Just as you think things are calming down you begin the ascent to the Glenshee Ski Centre, and for a brief moment, your car is the highest car in Scotland.

Dropping down the other side brings the beautiful descent into Braemar, and Gordon's Tearoom will have a nice cuppa waiting for you.

Later, why not enjoy the scenery along towards Balmoral, and continue right along the A93 into Aberdeen, or, for more great driving, head into Speyside, and get lost in a driver's adventure playground.

(For more great roads around Britain take a look at my journey blog: astragtcadventure.blogspot.com)

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