A30 Babylon Hill

A Road Yeovil Somerset/Dorset Border to Salisbury, Wiltshire

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Has lots of amazing scenery, some sections tight including Babylon Hill as you leave Yeovil and maybe not the best route if in a rush although being non-primary much quieter and relaxed than the notorious A303 trunk road and excellent scenery especially passing Fovant Badges and heading towards Salisbury

This entire section of the A30 is an awesome scenic route, firstly leaving the town of Yeovil on a winding challenging but scenic stretch of dual carriageway leaving Yeovil immediately into the county border with Dorset along a dual carriageway for 3-4 miles until entering through the historic town of Sherborne.

After negotiating the town famous for it's old and new abbey/castle, we encounter more dorset countryside with amazing scenery right until we come upon the hilly town of Shaftesbury, shortly afterwards reaching the border with Wiltshire and passing the famous Fovant Badges with its rolling hill and continous open country fields until we come upon the scenic rich city of Salisbury

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