National Park road by Llandudno town

Costal Rd

Added byAdrian Feeney

The Road

Firstly it costs £2.50 To go on the road and well worth it.

There is a national park at the end of the town which goes along the coastline for approx 5miles and half way around there is a branch off which brings you up to the summit and what a view there is it's amazing. Anyway the lower road which goes along the coastlin is very good ! Why ?? Because the road is only single file, great view, curvy and twisty but the best thing is it only goes one way around the coastline so no oncoming traffic. I Brought my Mondeo and I was gutted tha I did not bring the Supra as the road wa empty !!!.

So if your ever in North Wales head over the Llandudno pay the £2.50 and enjoy

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