Skoda octavia suspension problems

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Posted: Tuesday the 18th January 2011 at 10:59 [quote] [report]

Skoda octavia suspension problems

Hi guys i have a problem with the rear suspension on my car!Its the 07 model.I Got all the bushing checked and the Shocks they are all fine.But when im driving the back end of the car is all over the road!I checked that the brake calipers are not stickicking and i cant seem to find the problem.And my mechanic cant either!The best way i can describe it.It feels like driving a truck without its trailer.You are getting fired around the cab!Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you Benny!

Posted: Wednesday the 22nd February 2012 at 14:17 [quote] [report]


I've got exactly the same problem on an 07 plate model Laurent whotsits

Feels like your drunk .....and car is just unpleasant to drive....

I have had it in 3 garages including geometry and they can't find anything wrong .... replaced all 4 tyres, front dampers and nsf bottom arm...

front end feels fine and steers, brakes and stops fine, no untoward steering vibrations so I'm assuming at this stage back end problem

finally grovelled on floor and actually looked at shockers over the rear tyres

on ns I can see stem of shocker and bushes at top, on os there is a shroud covering stem and I can see less bushes at the top

so my current guess at this stage is knackered rear dampers

booked in for friday for new rear dampers ............cos I'm not driving a car like this .......