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Feature added: January 23, 2008

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As far as first attempts go in the motoring world, getting your first diesel engine right must rank as one of the most important, certainly if you plan on selling cars in Europe in any decent numbers.

While most car makers have cracked it, until recently there was one firm still without an oil burner: Subaru. We all know that Subaru produces very good cars. The firmís all-wheel drive philosophy is admirably single minded, as is its loyalty to the Ďboxerí engine configuration.

In the nicest possible way, itís been the loyalty to that particular engine layout - the cylinders oppose each other, as if they were laid flat on the floor Ė thatís been the stumbling block. Simply put, buying in someone elseís engine hasnít been an option. So in true Subaru style the company has developed its own engine from scratch.

Itís a good job the Subaru faithful are a patient and understanding lot, because development has been a long process. Itís done now and I can finally stop adding the ďIf only they had a dieselĒ line every time I recommend a car to someone, which was always a shame because the cars themselves are great.

First up for diesel power is the firmís Legacy Sports Tourer and Outback (weíll see a diesel powering a brand new Forester before the end of 2008, then the Impreza). These two staples of the Subaru range deserve all the diesel love they can get, and youíve got to admit that the prospect of diesel powered all-wheel drive estate or more affordable Audi A6 Allroad alternative is compelling.

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