First GT2 drive in 5 weeks

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Posted by 911GT2 on Thursday 23rd of April 2015

The GT2 has been sat in the garage as I've been a bit busy with work, house renovations and getting to know the Cayman R.

Yesterday I decided to get it out of the garage to wash it, went to put it away after and it wouldn't start, that's what you get for not using it! So, I charged it up for a few hours and then seeing as it was a warm evening and still light I decided to take her out for a drive to recharge the battery a bit.

Now, I'd recommend anyone thinking of selling a GT2 to drive something else for 5 weeks and then get back into the GT2 on some open roads for a drive. It operates on a totally different level to the Cayman R, the whole sense of occassion, the noises in the cabin, the weight of the controls and the crazy torque and acceleration. The Cayman R is a brilliant car and rightly deserves all the credit it gets, but the 997 GT2 just takes things to a whole new level - yes there's a massive price difference but I genuinely feel that the GT2 is worth the difference. I got back home buzzing and grinning, put the car away, and promised myself to use it more now as it's just far too good and needs to be on the road.


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