GT2 fails to start for the big GT2 meet up.... d'oh

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Posted by 911GT2 on Monday 16th of March 2015

Following on from the previous post I was due to meet up at 6am on Saturday morning with 7 other GT2s and a range of other Porsches so that we could drive together to the Porsche Club GB open morning at Porsche Centre Reading.

So, I get up nice and early, check out of my hotel, jump in the car at 5:59, turn the key and tick, tick, tick, nothing...... tick tick nothing......

Brilliant.... it's just been serviced and checked over on the ramps for a few hours and 12 hours later it doesn't want to start.

My initial thoughts were the battery as it failed to start a week ago due to lack of use. So I called out the RAC, the chap checked everything over and it was all pointing to a knackered starter motor, we managed to bump start it across the hotel car park and I then drove as quickly as I could to Reading Porsche without stalling it!

It's currently still there and I'm waiting for the phone call with the great news that it's all sorted and has been done under warranty......

8 GT2s at Porsche Centre Reading

Even after the traumatic start to the day I managed to arrive at Reading OPC just as the others were all getting there. Unfortunately as my car wouldn't restart after stopping I had to drive it around the back to the workshops rather than park up with the other GT2s for the big photo opportunity.

The morning was great, lots of owners from Porsche Club GB, free coffee and pastries and a tour of the workshops and storage area where they look after a serious collection of cars!

I'm sure we'll do another event at some point in the summer, at which point I'll get some better photos.

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